I have worked with John Baxter on a number of fine art projects over the past six years. As an installation artist my work is often exhibited in obscure environments with difficult lighting conditions as well as normal gallery exhibition spaces, both for public viewing. The work is transient, and the spaces it inhabits sometimes temporary. Capturing the essence of the narrative contained within the work, recording and documenting it within different locations, is challenging but of critical importance to me as the photographs act as a testimony of it for others to witness and experience.

Photographing the work often requires long days and John remains attentive, patient and always generous with his time and thoughts. He manages to balance very successfully being sensitive and inclusive of my desire and needs, the image I am seeking to achieve, as well as asserting his own expertise, knowledge and insights in order to successfully capture the essence of what I require. The photographs produced are both aesthetically stunning, technically very accomplished, and capture beautifully the installation and what it seeks to convey, in keeping with the overall nature of my work and practice. John was thoroughly professional at all times and I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Debbie Budenberg, Installation Artist.


“Many thanks for top-class work. Excellent job, well done.”

Gordon Thorburn, Author.